Why Choose RC Hydraulic Tools & Services Ltd.?
  • Superior Performance

  • Convenience

  • Efficiency

  • Flexibility

  • Safety

  • Cost-effective

Why use hydraulic torquing rather than hammer wrenching?

Savings: Less machine down time, our methods require only one third the usual time!

Accuracy: Hydraulic torquing guarantees accurate bolt torque specifications, as well as eliminating leaking by using controlled bolting.

Safer: Accident and incident free!​

We exceed expectations.
Competitive Prices
24/7 Service
Experienced Technicians
We pay attention to details.
We’re here when you need us.

        We are seasoned Professional to meet your torquing needs.

RC Hydraulic Tools & Services Ltd. is a hydraulic torquing tool company operating out of Hinton Alberta servicing the Oil and Gas, industry for the last 6 years.  We specialize in: Nipple up/Down Drilling Rigs, Rig Natural Gas line Installation, BOP Stack Assembly, Plant Turnarounds, Pipeline Tie-Ins, Cold Cutting & Beveling, Tensioning. We provide professional technical expertise and state-of-the art Hytorc hydraulic tools for all your torquing needs. Hydraulic torquing is cost effective, faster and safer than hammer wrenching. If it’s not tight, torque it!​

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